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Discover our 34-piece set of high-quality ceramic with a stunning white marble finish. Each piece is designed with durability and refinement in mind, making it a beautiful addition to your table setting.

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Nothing brings people together like good food

In a world full of flavors and aromas, there is something magical about the art of good food. Coming together around a table laden with delicious dishes forms a timeless tradition that has connected people for centuries. The subtle combination of herbs and textures is like a masterpiece that comes to life with every bite.

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We're Najat & Nadia

Nice to meet you

Marhbabik, or welcome! In 2015, we launched an online cooking and baking group on Facebook. From the outset, we shared a diverse array of recipes, swiftly building a vibrant community. Within a year, our website was up and running, and we’ve since evolved into one of the most sought-after cooking and baking destinations, inspiring over a million visitors monthly with delightful culinary creations.

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Our Story

About Kookmutsjes

Sisters Najat and Nadia, known as The Cooking Hats, began sharing recipes on Facebook in 2014, eventually expanding to a successful website. Their culinary creativity and enthusiasm culminate in a diverse range of step-by-step recipes on the highly visited website and social media platforms. Najat is renowned for her meticulous approach, while Nadia is responsible for videos, web designs, and recipe documentation

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A recipe has no soul; you bring soul to the recipe

Good food, good mood

Recepten Reviews

I tried Najat’s dessert item and it’s just as good as everyone says

Najat, I am eternally grateful to you! I used to be a complete stranger in the kitchen, and I hated cooking or baking. Especially the latter. I started following you because of your enthusiasm in the kitchen on Snapchat. Eventually, I decided to try making a simple cupcake, and I was truly surprised by the result. After that, I developed a passion for cooking and (especially) baking. I am happy, my family is happy. Thank you so much!

Mariska van der Heijde