How it started


Behind The Cooking Hats is an enthusiastic cooking duo: sisters Najat and Nadia. In 2014, not yet suspecting the success that followed, Najat began sharing delicious recipes on Facebook and two years later, the first steps were taken toward a website. The girls can now be found in the kitchen together day in and day out. Their cooking creativity is enormous, as you can see from the large number of recipes that pass by on the social contactsand well-visited website. With great enthusiasm, they convey their love of food to their supporters. In an upbeat, positive and above all accessible way, the Cooking Hats make sure you can put something delicious on the table. Whether you are young or old, a cooking klutz or baking fanatic, anyone can cook with the Cooking Hat’s step-by-step recipes. Najat: “I want to show that cooking and baking is not difficult at all. With a little of mine and a little of yours, we can make something delicious together!


Najat and Nadia

Najat and Nadia are a well-oiled kitchen machine.
Najat is the culinary wonder behind the Cooking Hats dishes. She is a sweet chatterbox, always cheerful and very precise; all ingredients are weighed down to the gram and no dish is shared until everything – really everything – is correct to perfection. With a whisk in one hand and her camera in the other, she photographs all the recipes. Where Najat zooms in, Nadia remains
overall control: she makes the videos, creates beautiful web designs and writes out the recipes.
Thus, the sisters complement each other perfectly.
Najat and Nadia created a cookbook during their studies
Communications Multimedia and Design
And that’s where the seed was planted
Najat’s kitchen , which later became The Cooking Hats. During the training, they learned everything they needed, from design to photography and video. After all, why outsource something when you can do it yourself? They still do almost everything themselves. However, there is a whole family around the Cooking Hats, both siblings (who have an active role behind the scenes) and a huge online family.


Community family

Pans simmering, a bastilla in the oven, music on – we’re trying something new. This relaxed atmosphere from Najat and Nadia’s kitchen can be found in the Cooking Hat community. Think of it as a kitchen and recipe diary, where you can share all your favorites with the rest of the (Kookhats) family. Exchange recipes and secret ingredients, save photos and videos of your best baking. Sometimes you have a #baking error, but you know, it can happen, we laugh about it. Better next time, right? Anyone have a cooking tip? Before you know it the tips will be flying around you, because cooking hats help each other. The Cooking Hats have built an inspiring, loving family community where each other’s cooking skills are treated with respect and you feel right at home.


Cooking hats potluck

The great thing about Najat’s step-by-step recipes is that it is a truly unique combination of different world cuisines: Dutch pot meets American classics, Italian-Indo, Asian fusion and, of course, many dishes from Moroccan cuisine. Because the sisters were born and raised in Leeuwarden; they are their Moroccan roots Allegiance. And this is reflected in their grandmother’s cookies, richly stuffed eggplants, skewers and tagines (but the real ones), kefta, lamb or mackerel … Scroll through their feed and you will see endless variety: colorful salads, healthy lighter bites and hearty stews . Fans of sweet are also The Cooking Hats; thier is no shortage of desserts, cookies, cakes and pies. From Oreo cheesecakes to classic whipped cream cakes, wildly popular red velvet cakes and filled hatita. Their love of avocado is great and it shows in the greenery shakes and bakes . In addition, they love to experiment and “cooking caps” they love dishes like the halal Big Mac dish – one of their most smooth recipes.


Have fun cooking and baking in the kitchen and eat well, bismillah!